The Dos and Don'ts of Film Indy
October 15, 2017 • Brie Worrell

Many have asked, “Just what does Film Indy do?” Well, we would love to tell you!

Film Indy helps the film industry in a variety of ways in Indiana. There are a lot of things we do at Film Indy but there are also some things we don’t do. We are here to serve you, the Hoosier filmmakers, and bring more opportunities for successful filmmaking in Indiana. Check it out!

What Film Indy does:

  • Sponsors and participates in community events surrounding the film industry such as the Heartland, Indy, and Middle Coast film festivals
  • Meets with local filmmakers on the third Friday of the month to discuss filmmaking opportunities, the industry, and answer industry questions
  • Processes and manages all film permits and film requests working with The Department of Neighborhood Services and the Indianapolis Police Department to onboard productions into the city
  • Works with incoming productions to offer them concierge services such as discounted hotel rooms, access to locations, crew support and partnerships with local brands to maximize PR opportunities for the area
  • Tracks all projects coming in through our film application and keeps the tracker updated monthly, securing economic impact data to present to funders, legislators, and the community
  • Manages and grows our social media, blog, and web presence through creation of resources, content, and uplifting local talent and projects
  • Develops and implements and continues to champion a legislative strategy for Film and Media Tax incentives in the Indiana General Assembly with the objective of passing a competitive film and media tax incentive for Indiana
  • Serves as head of business development for all new production projects ensuring that we are recruiting and cultivating opportunities for large economic and marketing impact and robust job creation while working with the local talent and artists to encourage new and innovative local film/media projects

What Film Indy does not do:

Although we would love to, we can’t do it all…yet. Here are a few things that we are not at the capacity to do at this time.

  • Help individuals produce projects
  • Help with fundraising for individual projects
  • Fund individual projects
  • Review unsolicited scripts
  • Manage or track projects that do not come through the official Film Indy application

The Film Indy Commission office is here for you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us—we love hearing from you and about your projects! Together we can bring even more filmmaking business to Indiana.

To contact the Indianapolis Film Commission, click here.
To add yourself to the Indianapolis crew database, click here.
To contact a location scout about Indiana locations, click here.
To register your location with our location database, click here.
To submit your film project to the Film Indy database, click here.
To apply for permitting for your project, click here.
To apply to become a Film Indy registered vendor, click here.

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