Filming In Indianapolis

Film Indy is dedicated to serving the needs of productions interested in filming in Central Indiana.  We offer a hands on approach to making your production a success.  In addition to serving as a liaison between producers and city officials we are committed to growing the existing production community and marketing Central Indiana as a leader in Film and Media Production.

To engage the Film Office and begin planning your Central Indiana production please submit a Film Application.

If you are interested or think you need help with your Indiana production and your locations are outside of the Central Indiana area, Film Indy can still be of service. Please contact us directly with your request via the Film Application below and we will be in touch. Or, email us at

Film Application

In order to obtain a film permit, all productions must have a Film Application on file with the Film Indy Office prior to production. You will be required to furnish proof of liability insurance before Film Indy can coordinate and release your permit.

The following requests require a film permit:

  • Street closures
  • Intermittent traffic control
  • Sidewalk closures
  • Police Escort
  • City parking
  • Use of Drones
  • Access to State and Local Government Property

Please fill out the application to start the permitting process. In addition, we are here to serve your production needs. The following Film Application engages our office and kicks in our concierge service. If you wish to discuss your Central Indiana production with our office, please fill out the Film Application. We are here to help you in the following ways:

  • Gaining access to unique and iconic Indianapolis locations
  • Booking discounted hotel and lodging
  • Working in areas with specific neighborhood requirements
  • Filming at Indy Parks
  • Discounted Film Friendly Vendor Services

Please submit the following application outlining your filming intentions and Indy Film will be in touch within 48 hours.