Indiana is offering a new Film and Media Tax Credit for film, television, music or digital media productions. The tax credit will provide an incentive to members of the creative economy to film or record qualified media productions in Indiana, encouraging student, amateur and professional crews to leverage the state’s urban, rural and natural assets.

The incentive offers an income tax credit of up to 30 percent to help offset certain production expenses including:

  • Up to 20% for qualified production expenses, including expenses for acquisitions, filming and sound, labor and story rights
  • Up to 5% for using Indiana-based workforce during, pre- and post-production
  • 20% of the overall workforce must be from Indiana to qualify, including student and intern staff
  • Up to 5% for adding an approved Indiana brand to the qualified production’s credits

Additionally, production crews and talent with accommodation stays of 30 consecutive days or more may be exempt from the Innkeeper’s Tax.

Eligible productions include feature length films, including independent or studio production, or a documentary; a television episodic series, program, or feature; music productions; digital media productions that are intended for reasonable commercial exploitation. Applications are evaluated by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation on their individual merits. At a minimum, projects must be financially viable, have positive economic ramifications for the state and must be completed within two years of being approved. For more information and to apply, click here.