The state of Indiana does not currently have a film tax incentive program. However, House Bill H1219 has been filed and is being championed in the current legislative session. H1219 offers a competitive Media Tax Incentive outlined as follows:

The Indiana Film and Media Production Incentive Program provides a refundable tax credit to taxpayers that make qualified production expenditures in Indiana and meet the criteria established to become a qualified production. Eligible productions with qualified Indiana production expenses of at least $35,000 per production can qualify for tax credits in the amount of:

  1. Up to 30%, in the case of other qualified In-State labor expenditures; or
  2. Up to 20% in the case of qualified In-State production expenditures; or
  3. Up to 35% in the case of Indiana Workforce Training Expenditures, which includes paid interns who are enrolled in a university funded by the State of Indiana or film and media production/skill training expenditures for Indiana residents.


  1. $15M is the maximum amount of media production expenditure tax credits that may be allowed during a state fiscal year for all taxpayers
  2. No retroactive credits will be approved.
  3. The term of this program will be six years until expiration.
  4. If the $15M maximum amount of media production expenditure tax credits is met two consecutive years, the State of Indiana and may consider voting to amend this bill by increasing the maximum expenditure to $20M for the remainder of the program until expiration.

Please visit our Indiana Media Tax Incentive Website to learn more about the Bill and ways you can show your support.

In the meantime, Indiana is an incredibly affordable and easy place to film your next project.  With hundreds of film friendly locations, an accessible and easy to navigate robust downtown and state of the art sports facilities within a 5-mile radius there are plenty of options for your next project. If you are interested in engaging Film Indy and want to take advantage of our non-tax related incentives, please film out a film application and our office will be in touch within 48 hours.